Stockroom, Lita Ford Team to Give Away Warlock Guitar

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Storytellers and poets with a love for kink and a talent for creative writing can win a kickass B.C. Rich Warlock Guitar autographed by rocker Lita Ford in a contest sponsored by The Stockroom.

Ford will choose the winner of The Stockroom’s “Wicked Wonderland Fantasy Fiction Contest, ” a creative writing competition that invites Ford fans age 18 and older to share their fantasies about what a “wicked wonderland” would resemble. To qualify, entries must reference by name at least one product from the more than 4, 000 items available at

All forms of writing are welcome, including essays, poetry and short fiction, as long as they are the contestant’s original, previously unpublished work, are written in English and are no longer than 500 words. Only one entry per person will be accepted. Details are available on the official contest page at

The Stockroom began accepting submissions Monday; entries close Dec. 9.

The names of winners will be posted Dec. 14 on the contest page. The first-prize winner will receive the autographed Warlock Guitar — a metal classic known for its distinctively aggressive silhouette, dual humbucker pickups, 24-fret maple wood neck with rosewood fingerboard and chrome hardware. The prize is valued at more than $350.

The second-prize winner will receive one of The Stockroom’s Bondage 101 Kits, comprising a collection of the company’s signature handmade leather gear. Ten third-prize winners will receive a Jawbreaker Gag, The Stockroom’s best-selling ball gag made from real candy. All winners will also receive a copy of Ford’s Wicked Wonderland album.

"We all have a kinky, wicked side, and this contest gives everyone a chance to show just how crazy we are or wish we were, " Ford said. "I believe that people who are into kink have more active fantasy lives and are more creative, so the entries should be fascinating to read."

The contest marks the second time this fall that The Stockroom, a manufacturer and retailer of fetish gear, has teamed up with Ford, the heavy metal queen and self-proclaimed erotic adventurer. In September the pair made music together when the song "Bed" from Wicked Wonderland, Ford’s first album in 15 years, was released exclusively on The album debuted in early October, subsequently became a top seller and now is available at

Ford equally showcases impressive guitar chops and lyrical skill on Wicked Wonderland, which she has said is largely autobiographical. The sexy lyrics make frequent references to Ford’s kinky personal life with husband Jim Gillette, who accompanies her on the album, and paints an insightful and intimate portrait of the unconventional marriage the couple describes as "relentlessly passionate."

When the single "Bed" was unveiled on Sept. 28, it was believed to be the first time an important music release made its debut via a website catering to the alternative fetish lifestyle. The CD was released on the JLRG Entertainment label, which is owned and operated by Ford and Gillette, the former Nitro lead singer infamous for his glass-shattering scream. The couple will tour through November with Queensryche. To see tour dates visit

Ford started playing guitar when she was 11 years old; in 1975, at 17, she joined the all girl rock band The Runaways as lead guitarist. The band split in 1979, and since then Ford has become known for solo hits like "Kiss Me Deadly, " "Close My Eyes Forever, " "Gotta Let Go, " "Back to the Cave" and "Shot of Poison." The latter was nominated for a Grammy in the Best Female Vocal category, as was "Kiss Me Deadly."

In conjunction with the contest, The Stockroom also has unveiled "Lita’s Collection, ” a special selection of fetish gear Ford and Gillette particularly enjoy. The collection also includes Ford’s favorite rubber dresses from The Stockroom’s fetish couture line, Syren Latex.


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