Vivid Obtains Copy of Prejean Sex Tape

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Vivid Entertainment Group said Friday it has obtained a copy of the notorious solo sex tape depicting Carrie Prejean and is ready to make a distribution deal with the former Miss California USA.

Earlier this month, the tape—which Prejean reportedly made to amuse a former long-distance boyfriend—allegedly played a role in the abrupt settlement of dueling lawsuits the beauty pageant winner and the Miss California USA organization filed against each other. Since then several mainstream media outlets have revealed the existence of as many as six additional solo sex videos and as many as 30 nude still images. Pageant rules disqualify any contestant who can be shown to have engaged in salacious behavior that might tarnish the wholesome image of the Miss California USA title.

Vivid, on the other hand, revels in salacious behavior, especially when celebrities are involved.

"We’ve now seen the footage that has been so much in the news lately, we’ve reviewed it and we are ready to negotiate with Carrie, " Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch said. "We look forward to contacting Carrie and forging a business relationship with her."

Hirsch said an unnamed third party delivered the tape to Vivid and assured the company Prejean was older than 18 at the time the video was lensed. Prejean has called the tape "the biggest mistake of my life" and has told numerous interviewers she was 17 at the time of filming.

"The footage we saw is a series of very graphic and hot clips, " Hirsch said. "Let’s just say she appears to be totally enthusiastic and is thoroughly enjoying herself."

"Carrie says the tape was ‘the biggest mistake of my life, ’" he added. "That may be, but she can take this mistake and turn it into cold, hard cash. I’m more convinced than ever that this could be our best-selling Vivid-Celeb tape."

In May, Vivid offered Prejean $1 million to make a movie with the company after the beauty became mired in a controversy involving the existence of several suggestive lingerie photos taken before her participation in the Miss California USA pageant. Last week, the studio renewed its offer based on the discovery of the notorious sex footage and the realization Prejean was comfortable having sex on camera.

If a deal is reached, the Prejean video will be distributed under the Vivid-Celeb imprint, which has released titles starring celebrities including Shauna Sand, Kim Kardashian and Ray J, Jimi Hendrix and Vince Neil.

There has been no word about how Prejean reacted to the offer.


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